Tennessee Deploys Troops as Biden’s Border Crisis Reaches Boiling Point

by J Pelkey
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Source: Gov. Bill Lee/X

The situation at the Southern Border has reached a boiling point.

Tennessee has decided to deploy its National Guard troops to Texas in order to assist the Southwestern state in addressing the ongoing border crisis. Governor Bill Lee has announced that the troops will arrive in two phases.

It is worth noting that the Biden administration has done absolutely nothing to address the ongoing border crisis that it created, while Tennessee has taken the initiative to provide assistance.

With states now intervening to support each other in the face of Washington D.C.’s neglect of duty, one might question the purpose of the federal government. If it cannot fulfill its fundamental responsibility of safeguarding the nation’s borders, what is it good for?

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USA Today reported:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee will deploy two waves of National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border through the spring as Republican governors across the country back Texas in its ongoing feud with federal authorities over immigration enforcement.

Gov. Bill Lee met with deploying National Guard members in Millington, Tennessee, on Saturday, weeks after the governor traveled to the border and pledged to support Texas Gov. Greg Abbott with an escalating and increasingly politicized border crisis. Abbott has been backed by almost all U.S. Republican governors, who signed a statement in January saying Texas has the constitutional right to defend itself.

“Gov. Abbott has made the decision to utilize Texas’ resources to secure that border and to keep that traffic from coming into his state,” Lee said on Saturday. “But it’s an overwhelming task, and he asked governors to join him because each one of us recognizes that.”

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti released the following statement on X:

“Our porous border puts vulnerable kids at risk,” said TN AG Skrmetti.

“Overlooked in this crisis are the children who are either recruited by human traffickers prior to crossing the border or exploited after their arrival. This cannot continue.”

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