Skittles Facing Calls for Bud Light Treatment After They Slap Woke Slogan on New Packaging

by J Pelkey
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Skittles apparently wants to go broke like Bud Light.

According to a report from The Daily Mail on Friday, conservatives are up in arms upon discovering that the candy brand has modified its packaging and formed an alliance with a far-left group known as The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). Remarkably, this marks the fourth consecutive year they have collaborated with this organization.

GLAAD supports gender-affirming procedures on minors.

The Daily Mail points out that over the past three years, Skittles has introduced what they call “Pride Packs,” departing from their traditional colorful packaging to feature a grayish design adorned with an illustration.

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However, this year the approach was modified to include the work of five LGBTQ “artists.” They were tasked with crafting designs that reflected their unique interpretation of the rainbow.

Among these designs, one artist chose to incorporate a “Black Trans Lives Matter” message.

Take a look:

Predictably, the conservative community expressed their anger upon seeing this message and discovering the company’s partnership with GLAAD. Chaya Raichek, who manages the Libs of TikTok account, contends that this aligns with an agenda to mold children into Marxist BLM and LGBTQ activists. She also points out the inclusion of a drag queen on the package.

Numerous other social media users expressed their outrage and disgust, with some suggesting a “Bud Light treatment” for the candy brand.

Bye-bye Skittles.

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