Silicon Valley Billionaire Doug Leone Announces Support for Trump, Citing Concerns Over Country’s Direction Under Biden Regime

by J Pelkey
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Billionaire venture capitalist Doug Leone, a partner at Sequoia Capital who led the firm until 2022, has announced his support for Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 Presidential election.

This marks a significant reversal from Leone’s previous stance, as he joins a growing number of Silicon Valley power players backing Trump.

Leone’s change in allegiance was revealed in a candid post on X, where he expressed his mounting concerns about the nation’s direction under the Biden regime.

“I have become increasingly worried about the general direction of our country, the state of our shattered immigration system, the ballooning deficit, and a series of foreign policy blunders,” Leone wrote.

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“Therefore, I am supporting former President Trump in this coming election,” he added.

Leone had previously withdrawn his support for Trump following the Stop the Steal protests at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. He told Vox’s Recode that Trump’s conduct during the riots had caused him to lose “many of his supporters, including me,” according to Business Insider.

However, due to recent developments and growing disillusionment with Biden’s administration, Leone has decided to re-endorse Trump. His decision highlights a broader trend within Silicon Valley’s elite, who are rallying behind Trump following his disgraceful felony conviction.

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