Rapper 50 Cent Calls Biden Out for Relaxing On the Beach as the World Burns: “Hey Joe Get the F**k Up We In Trouble Man!”

by J Pelkey
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Rapper 50 Cent called Joe Biden out for relaxing on the beach — again — while the world burns.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, voiced his concerns on Instagram by sharing an image of Joe Biden napping in a beach chair at Rehoboth Beach.

In his caption to the picture, Jackson stated, “hey Joe get the fvck up, we in trouble man!”

Take a look:

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The Daily Caller reported:

Joe Biden is an utter fool — don’t take it from me, just ask 50 Cent.

Real name Curtis Jackson, the megastar rapper and entrepreneur blasted President Joe Biden on social media Sunday for being on yet another vacation while the globe is whirlpooling down the toilet.

Taking to Instagram, Jackson posted a photo of both Uncle Joe and First Lady Jill Biden chillin’ on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. “hey Joe get the fvck up, we in trouble man!” captioned Biden.

Even before Sleepy Joe became resident, 50 Cent was not a fan.

In October 2020, the Grammy-winning artist urged his Instagram followers to vote for Trump after seeing a graphic detailing Biden’s tax plan on television.

He shared the graphic on Instagram which showed how much taxpayers earning more than $400,000 would pay in taxes if Joe Biden were to be elected in 2020.

He captioned the graphic with, “WHAT THE F—-! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT.”

However, after facing backlash from leftist celebrities like Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Fallon, 50 Cent later retracted his endorsement of Trump.

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