President Trump Secures Huge Endorsement From Oil and Gas Workers In Apparent DeSantis Snub

by J Pelkey
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The Oil and Gas Workers Association, representing 50,000 members employed in domestic drilling, recently announced their endorsement of President Trump in both the GOP primary and the general election. This endorsement comes just a day after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled an energy plan for his presidential campaign. The association’s decision to support Trump reflects their concerns about Joe Biden’s policies, which they see as detrimental to the fossil fuel industry. Biden has advocated for significant incentives for automotive companies and others to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, causing friction with the industry.

According to a statement from the union’s president, Matt Coday, President Trump has been the most supportive leader the union has ever had.

“President Trump has been the most pro-American Oil & Gas Workers president ever, with 11.3 million jobs supported by our vital industry in 2019. Under President Trump’s leadership, our country became energy dominant. The booming economy of the Trump years benefitted every American,” said Coday.

“Under President Trump’s administration, America became a net exporter, became energy dominant. Our economy boomed and benefited every American. We don’t have that today with Joe Biden in the White House. His intent and obviously actions are to kill our oil and gas jobs. They hurt our economy and threaten our national security.”

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Coday pointed out the difference between President Trump’s proven track record and Governor DeSantis’s rhetoric, saying, “Governor DeSantis says a lot of the right things, right, but his track record isn’t there.”

Next week, President Trump plans to visit Michigan in an effort to gain the support of another major union, the United Auto Workers (UAW). The UAW is currently in the midst of its first strike in 100 years against the nation’s three largest auto companies. While some union leaders have criticized Trump as being anti-worker, Democrats are becoming increasingly concerned that the Republican frontrunner has effectively outmaneuvered Joe Biden on this issue. Biden has yet to engage with the UAW on the front lines of the strike.

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