Pentagon Finally Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon Over the Atlantic Ocean [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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After days of floating over the United States with Joe Biden’s full approval, the Chinese spy balloon was finally shot down.

On Saturday, the FAA reportedly shut down air space near the Atlantic as the Pentagon prepared to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon.

Joe Biden refused to secure US airspace and allowed China to fly a surveillance balloon over the US’s most sensitive military installations.

On Saturday Biden was asked by a reporter to comment on the Chinese spy balloon.

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“We’re gonna take care of it,” Biden said.

The balloon was spotted over Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday morning.

The spy balloon was over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as of 2 pm ET.

The Pentagon shot down the spy balloon at approximately 2:40 pm ET just off the coast of the Carolinas.


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1 comment

Wyatt February 5, 2023 - 8:19 am

Yeah Joe took care of it , but not before he let it get the info the Chinese wanted . Drifting weather balloon my foot . Biden and his leftist cronies are in bed with China , the world knows it . Yes it was shot down but not until China got everything they wanted . Over 125 or so years ago , a British statesman said of China , “Let China Sleep , for when she wakes the whole world will tremble . Well world start trembling ! The Slope heads are awake and the power crazed Ego Maniacs leading them now seeks to dominate the world .


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