Paul Pelosi Scandal is Back in the News: News Outlets Make Major Move in Court

by J Pelkey
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The Paul Pelosi scandal is back in the news.

As reported by multiple news outlets, former house speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul was allegedly injured in a home attack in October.

The story that the public is expected to believe was suspect and changed over time. There are still multiple questions surrounding the story that have not been answered.

According to the first police conference, DePape was charged with burglary, but the police never mentioned how he entered the house.

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In a second police conference, the police confirmed that DePape forced entry through a rear door of the home.

There is no doubt that the Pelosis’ home had a security system. Most homes do these days, why wouldn’t the 2nd in line to the presidency’s home have one as well?

Also, there are likely police cars circling the neighborhood where the Pelosis live. The police reported that Paul made the call to the police. Paul didn’t share that the home was broken into on that call. He also referred to the alleged intruder by his first name AND referred to him as a “friend”.


There are also questions about this event being a burglary. DePape reportedly forced through into a rear door. But a video showed that there was glass on the outside of the home on the steps at the back of the house. If the window was broken from the outside, wouldn’t the glass be on the floor on the inside of the house?

It was also reported that DePape was in his underwear when the police arrived. This means that he most likely took his clothes off once inside the house. This is because anyone walking around in the Pelosis’ neighborhood in their underwear would immediately be arrested. This is not something that someone could do in that particular neighborhood. Also, it was reported that Paul was also in his underwear.

Additionally, the police originally indicated that there was at least one other person, who opened the door for the police. Who was this other person? Why didn’t this person call the police when the house was supposedly broken into? Was there more than one other person in the home? The police later said this was not the case.

The police could clear this all up by releasing the body cam and surveillance camera videos. This would likely answer most of these questions.

But this has not been done and the San Francisco DA said that will not ever be done.

The Pelosi family, the SFPD, the FBI, the courts, the fake news media, Big Tech, and Democrats don’t want David DePape’s story to be heard.

What are they hiding?

In response to the lack of transparency, a coalition of news outlets are suing to get access to the evidence associated with the event.

The evidence includes body camera footage from police officers who responded at the scene of the Pelosi residence, footage from Capitol Police surveillance cameras at the home, and video of a post-arrest interview with DePape, according to The Associated Press.

From The Associated Press:

A coalition of news organizations, including The Associated Press, filed a court motion in San Francisco seeking access to evidence against the man charged in last year’s attack on former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. The coalition also includes The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Press Democrat, CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC and KQED, an NPR-member radio station.

DePape, a Canadian illegal immigrant, faces a list of charges including attempted murder stemming from an incident in which he allegedly broke into Pelosi’s San Francisco home and bludgeoned him with a hammer.

DePape is being jailed without bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 23, according to the AP.

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