NY Leftists Charge Steve Bannon a SECOND time with Defrauding Donors Related to We Build the Wall Charity

by J Pelkey
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Former Chief Strategist for President Trump, Steve Bannon, traveled to New York City today to turn himself in after NY authorities indicted him a SECOND time on charges, for which he was already pardoned, related to his role in the We Build the Wall charity.

From the Gateway Pundit:

The charity built more border wall, for less money, in less time than anything the federal government could ever hope for. But the left HATES border security so they are going after Steve.

On Wednesday Steve Bannon learned he was facing new criminal charges similar to the fraud investigation for which he was pardoned by Trump when the president left the White House.

Steve was already pardoned by the president.

Now these wicked leftists want to push these charges out for a second time.

For the record — The We Build the Wall movement built more miles of wall than Joe Biden did since stealing the presidency. That’s why they are being persecuted.

GETTR CEO Jason Miller posted this statement Wednesday morning from Steve Bannon.

Silencing Steve is the number one goal of the Socialist-Democrats this midterm. The War Room is too big and influential.


Steve Bannon’s statement on Gettr:

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