DISTURBING: Video of Children Drugged and Trafficked at Southern Border [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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Democrats are responsible for this tragic situation.

Anthony Aguero joined Owen Shroyer on War Room Monday to discuss the shocking footage Anthony filmed of children that appear to be drugged at America’s southern border.

Shroyer, who has also gone down to report on the Texas-Mexico border, talked with Aguero about his most recent trip.

In Roma, Texas, Aguero and other journalists are seeing an increase in illegals using children to get automatic entry because they are accompanying a minor. Even if they aren’t the childrens’ legal “guardian” or even related to the children.

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He said this is happening in Arizona as well, and many times the adults are not even related to the children.

The children are often drugged upon arrival, potentially with the date-rape drug Rohypnol, so they appear to be sleepy and can’t answer questions about their alleged “guardians” bringing them across the border.

Aguero said many women who make it into America report being robbed, raped and beaten on the Mexico side of the border just before making it into the United States.

Meanwhile, the border crisis is exacerbated by the establishment politicians who are allowing and often promoting the flow of illegal immigrants into America.

In the video below, Anthony and his reporter companion are obviously very disturbed and deeply upset by what they are witnessing, and what is going on in our country.

This should NOT be happening in the United States.

More from the Gateway Pundit:

In a very short time, Joe Biden has taken the most secure border in US history and turned it into an absolute warzone that is being run by the cartels, which have made billions trafficking people north.

All in all, Millions of illegals have come to the US (that we know of) since Biden began providing housing, transportation, food, and even cash welfare to anyone who could illegally enter the country. Additionally, this open-borders regime has provided even more guarantees and assistance to those who are able to make the journey with a child in tow, as Biden has promised so-called “family units” would not be turned away under virtually any circumstance…

…even if the “family unit” isn’t really a family unit.

Unfortunately, this terrible policy has led to a massive increase in child trafficking. With the cartels, and illegal travelers, fully aware that having a child with them will buy an essentially expedited entry into the states, children are now at a greater risk than they have ever been on the southern border, and, thanks to the hard work of citizen journalists, this burgeoning humanitarian crisis is coming to light.

This week, InfoWars‘ Owen Schroyer released a horrifying video recorded recently by independent journalist Anthony Aguero that shows a large group of illegal immigrants who had just crossed the border. At first glance, the large group looks like most others that come and is filled with what looks like “family units” with exhausted children. However, upon closer inspection, things get really disturbing.

As Aguero approaches the crowd and begins asking questions, it becomes obvious that something is very wrong with the children. They are virtually unresponsive and hardly moving, and all appear to be sedated with drugs. The children’s pupils did not react at all or dilate when a bright light was shined in their faces. They were completely “out of it.”

“This is human trafficking at its finest,” Aguero’s companion can be heard saying in the video.


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