New Website Fact-Checks Joe Biden’s Lies In Real-Time – “BIDENOMICS: RHETORIC VS. REALITY”

by J Pelkey
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Against a backdrop of growing concern and with the election looming a mere seven months away, a conservative organization has launched a fact-checking platform. 

The Americans for Prosperity group established this website to verify the accuracy of Joe Biden’s statements regarding the economy and the Southern border. 

The website claims “Joe Biden’s policies are hurting families in the United States.”

Resist The Mainstream reported:

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Biden is known for favoring an elastic approach to presenting facts.

Amid mounting concerns and with the election just seven months away, a conservative group has established a fact-checking website.

The Americans for Prosperity organization reportedly established the website to help ensure the President’s claims regarding the economy and southern border are accurate.

The new website claims “Joe Biden’s policies are hurting families in the United States.”

The Washington Examiner reported the website is “part of an eight-figure campaign that AFP is launching to critique Bidenomics, a term coined by the Biden administration to show how the president’s policies are helping the U.S. economy.”

AFP described the site as “the website Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see.” Site administrators will regularly update the site to fact-check the president’s claims in the run-up to the election.

The website claims there is a great disparity between the president’s “rhetoric” and the “reality” of Bidenomics.

Akash Chougule, AFP’s Vice President of Government Affairs said: “The reality is that everything costs more due to President Biden’s big government spending binge.”

Chougule added: “President Biden and his allies in Congress flooded the economy with more than $5 trillion and now Americans are paying thousands more each year just to make ends meet. The White House is telling Americans not to believe their checkbooks, but AFP is committed to calling out Bidenomics for what it is and turning up the heat on those responsible.”

The website features two video interviews with Americans sharing their impressions of the economy, and how their negative outlook contrasts sharply with how the President portrays his economic policies.

Check out here.

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