Middle School Students Stage a Walkout to Protest Furries Who Are Biting, Scratching, and Barking Among Other Insane Behavior [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Students at Mt. Nebo School in Payson, Utah, organized a walkout protest today against school officials who are allowing “furries” to disrupt their learning environment.

In a video shared online, students say that “furries” are biting, scratching, barking and spraying other students with Febreeze in class. They also claim that “furries” chew on sticks in class, and a kitty litter box was provided in the girls’ restroom for their use.

The protesting students further assert that they are required to maintain a distance from “furries,” while the same rule does not apply to the “furries” themselves.

According to the protesting youth, the school’s leniency towards “furries” is influenced by the principal, whose child happens to identify as a “furry.”

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This situation has raised concerns among the students who say they just want to learn.


Watch the full video below via LifeIsDriving:

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