Maine Builds New Apartment Buildings for Illegal Aliens, Offering Two Years of Rent-Free Housing [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Maine taxpayers have recently financed the construction of several new apartment buildings for people who have entered the country illegally. Those fortunate enough to secure these residences will have their rent paid by taxpayer dollars for two years as they apply for work permits.

Why isn’t this being done for homeless Americans?

News Center Maine reported:

For years, the former naval air station base in Brunswick has been undergoing renovations. Businesses have slowly moved in, and housing developments are continuing to pop up on once-barren streets. That includes new apartments that, for the next couple of years, will be serving asylum seekers.

On Monday, dozens of people gathered at Brunswick Landing to celebrate 60 new apartment units going up in five buildings. Twenty-four of them are already complete. These units are designed to house asylum seekers, as they wait to receive work permits. That process can often take a while, since asylum seekers can’t even file for a permit until at least six months after filing their initial asylum applications.

This program is happening through the Maine State Housing Authority. MaineHousing will essentially pay the rent for these asylum seekers for up to two years. After that, they will be converted to a mix of market-rate and affordable housing, unless the state says the program needs to be extended.

Watch a video report from CBS 13 News:

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