Lawyer Sidney Powell Completely Vindicated

by J Pelkey
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Dallas attorney Sidney Powell, known for fiercely challenging the stolen 2020 presidential election on behalf of President Trump, has been completely vindicated by an appellate court ruling.

The Fifth District of Texas Court of Appeals in Dallas, presided over by a three-judge panel, all Democrats, determined that the arguments presented by the State Bar of Texas lacked merit.

“The Dallas Court of Appeals has affirmed the Texas state court’s dismissal of the Texas Bar’s case against Powell. After three years of litigation, the Court of Appeals held the Bar had no evidence Powell violated any disciplinary rule in filing four federal lawsuits in the aftermath of the 2020 election,” Defending the Republic wrote in a statement.

The State Bar of Texas Commission for Lawyer Discipline lodged complaints against Powell, alleging violations of professional conduct rules due to lawsuits she filed challenging the 2020 election results. Powell gained attention for her promise to “release the Kraken” in exposing election fraud.

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The State Bar claimed her lawsuits were frivolous and included altered evidence. Powell defended herself, stating any discrepancies were unintentional due to the rush of legal filings.

The appellate court found no evidence Powell knowingly filed frivolous suits or made false statements. It highlighted deficiencies in the Commission’s evidence and concluded Powell did not violate professional conduct rules.

MSN reported:

A Dallas appeals court on Thursday upheld a decision not to discipline Sidney Powell, former lawyer for Donald Trump, for her role in seeking to overturn the 2020 presidential election, saying the complaint against her was riddled with errors.

In a scathing 25-page opinion, a panel of three Democratic judges criticized the state bar for filing a complaint against Powell with mislabeled evidence. A Collin County judge had tossed the case in early 2023, citing the disorganization.

“The Bar employed a ‘scattershot’ approach to the case, which left this court and the trial court ‘with the task of sorting through the argument to determine what issue ha(d) actually been raised,’” wrote Judge Dennise Garcia.

The appeals court agreed that the bar had not met its burden of proof to show Powell knowingly made a false statement or used false evidence when she filed lawsuits to overturn the election results.

Powell’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The trial court declined to consider any evidence that the bar failed to cite or identify, and the appeals court on Thursday said it would do the same.

A bar committee, which declined to comment on the ruling, had asked the appeals court to consider all evidence even if citations were incorrect or missing.

“Reference alone will not suffice,” Garcia wrote, adding that according to court precedent, the “court was not required to sift through plaintiff’s voluminous evidence to determine whether any of it raised (a) fact question.”

Claire Reynolds, a bar spokesperson, said the commission has not yet decided whether it will appeal.

You can read the decision HERE.

You can help and donate to Sidney Powell HERE.

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