Kevin McCarthy Urging Republicans to OPPOSE Resolution to Impeach Joe Biden

by J Pelkey
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On Tuesday night, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) used a privileged motion to introduce articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, aiming to force a vote on the floor.

On Thursday, the House voted 219-208 in favor of advancing Rep. Lauren Boebert’s resolution to impeach Joe Biden.

During an appearance on War Room Wednesday with Steve Bannon, Boebert revealed that Republican leadership is not supporting her resolution to impeach Joe Biden.


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Reports indicate that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is actively encouraging Republicans to oppose the resolution put forth by Boebert.

NBC News reports:

In a de-escalation of internal GOP tensions, House Republicans are now aiming to refer a Biden impeachment resolution to two committees instead of holding an immediate vote on impeaching the president.

The House will vote Thursday to send a resolution offered by Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., to the Homeland Security and Judiciary committees. By forgoing the impeachment vote, Republicans will be able to avoid, for now, a messy fight that was already dividing the conference.

The House Rules Committee advanced the plan in a last-minute meeting Wednesday night after huddling with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who urged rank-and-file Republicans at a closed-door meeting earlier in the day to oppose Boebert’s resolution, arguing that such an important issue should go through the committee process, three GOP sources who heard the comments confirmed.

Kevin McCarthy needs to be removed as House Speaker.

According to DC Draino, this is a “stalling technique.”

“GOP leadership doesn’t want to actually impeach Joe Biden and that’s a problem,” he said.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) spoke with Breitbart News and confirmed Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee do not support the impeachment.

From Breitbart:

Greene told Breitbart News her privileged resolution posted on was the most viewed bill on the site all Wednesday.

But despite the grassroots interest in the bill, Greene said Republican members on the House Judiciary Committee do not support the impeachment effort.

“Everyone knows that Joe Biden is a criminal, and they [Republicans] will not move forward with impeachment anywhere in Judiciary, because you know what, you know what it is? There’s a couple of Republicans that sit on the Judiciary Committee, Ken Buck and [Tom] McClintock who don’t want to vote for impeachment.”

“Today, I addressed the entire [Republican] conference and told them that I could not disagree with them anymore on their stance on an impeachment because leadership is completely against [it],” she said. “They just aren’t there yet. And I told every single one of them, I could not disagree with them more.”

The evidence against the Biden crime family is irrefutable.

Like Boebert, Greene plans to introduce her articles of impeachment against Joe Biden as a privileged resolution.

Greene said she intends to speak with McCarthy prior to submitting her privileged resolution.

“I also support Kevin McCarthy. I have all along, and I still support him. But I will have conversations with Kevin McCarthy and the rest of leadership before I file my privilege resolution,” Greene told Breitbart News.

“Greene’s resolution could be ready for a vote as soon as Friday,” according to Breitbart News.

Twitter user @catturd2 didn’t hold back revealing his frustration with the cowards in the Republican party in a tweet from June 17.

He is not wrong. We should all be angry.

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