Justice Department Launches Criminal Investigation Into “Squad” Member Rep. Cori Bush Over Misuse of Funds

by J Pelkey
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The Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation into “Squad” member Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO).

As reported by Jack Sherman of Punchbowl News, the DOJ has issued a subpoena to the House Sergeant at Arms for records relating to the improper use of federal funds.

Sherman broke the news on Tuesday morning, promising to provide further details by midday, which is likely to pose challenges for House Democrats and the Biden regime. Rep. Bush has faced criticism in the past for a sweetheart deal she made with a bodyguard known for making inflammatory antisemitic remarks. Additionally, Bush and Cortney Merritts, another bodyguard, exchanged vows in a private ceremony in February 2023.

Fox News previously reported that between 2020 and 2022, Bush spent nearly $500,000 in campaign funds on personal security services, while calling for the dismantling of police departments around the nation. As of February 2023, that amount had surged to over $627,000, as reported by the New York Post.

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Watch the 2021 video of Bush justifying her extensive use of private security as a necessary expense, citing alleged threats to her life, while advocating for the need to “defund the police.”

“Bush’s campaign paid out over $100,000 for “security services” throughout the third quarter of 2022, according to Federal Election Commission records. Her campaign paid $71,201.06 to Peace Security, a St. Louis-based private security company. Most of the remaining $30,000 for ‘security services’ went to Cortney Merrits and Nathaniel Davis, whose reported address in the filings is the same as Bush’s campaign headquarters,” as reported by Fox News.

“Bush has now directed over $490,000 into private security for the 2022 election cycle as she remains one of the last Democrats to openly call for the defunding of the police.” the outlet reported.

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