Israel Defense Minister Declares a “Complete Siege” Of Gaza Strip, Cuts Off Electricity, Fuel, Food and Water Ahead of Ground Invasion [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has declared a “complete siege” of the Gaza Strip as of Monday. This blockade includes a ban on the entry of essential supplies such as food, water, electricity, and fuel. This action by Israel is in retaliation against Hamas following their largest attack on the country in decades.

On Saturday, Israel officially declared a state of war starting at 06:30 a.m. local time. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are facing an unprecedented level of aggression from Hamas, the terrorist group based in Gaza.

Approximately 3,000 rockets have been fired into Israeli territory, terrorists have crossed into Israel’s borders, and civilians, including children and families, are under attack. The Israeli government has firmly stated that “Hamas will pay a heavy price for this inhumane attack against Israel.”

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have launched “Operation Swords of Iron” with the objective of retaliating against Hamas and safeguarding Israeli citizens from further harm. This military operation involves a well-coordinated effort among various branches of the IDF, including ground, air, and naval forces.

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“We are setting up a complete siege of Gaza: No electricity, no food, no water, no gas. Everything is closed. We are fighting human animals. And we are acting accordingly,” Gallant said in a video statement.

The military blockade was implemented after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a strong warning on Saturday to Hamas terrorists, pledging to use the full might of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to destroy Hamas’s capabilities in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

“We will destroy them and will forcefully avenge this dark day that they have forced on Israel and its citizens… All of the places which Hamas is deployed, hiding and operating in, that wicked city, we will turn them into rubble,” Netanyahu said.

In a direct message to the residents of Gaza, the Prime Minister said, “Leave now because we will operate forcefully everywhere.” He revealed that the IDF is already “clearing the terrorists out of the last communities,” going “community by community, house by house,” to restore Israeli control.

“What Hamas will experience will be difficult and terrible … we are going to change the Middle East,” Netanyahu told officials from southern Israel on Sunday. “This is only the beginning … we are all with you and we will defeat them with force, enormous force.”

On Sunday, the Israeli Air Force shared video footage of their operation, targeting a facility linked to the leader of Hamas terrorist organization’s intelligence division.


Shuja’iyya, a “terror nest” for Hamas, was also struck down.

As reported by the Israel Defense Forces, Israeli aircraft conducted airstrikes on approximately 1,200 sites throughout the Gaza Strip from Saturday to Monday morning. These targets included facilities for storing and manufacturing weapons, command and control centers, rocket launch sites, and more.

According to sources, Israeli forces took out the Gaza City Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transportation buildings.

More updates from the Israeli Air Force:

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