Joe Biden Sends Desperate Letter to House Democrats Who Want Him to Drop Out of 2024 Presidential Race

by J Pelkey
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Nearly two weeks have passed since Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, and leftists are still urging for his replacement as the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee.

These calls have persisted even after an ABC News interview last week. In response, the embattled incumbent is now addressing House Democrats directly, as they grow increasingly concerned about their own political futures.

He sent a lengthy letter to Democrat lawmakers on Monday, telling them he is “firmly committed to staying in the race.”

Joe Biden’s handlers are keeping him in the race for the time being.

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“This morning, I sent a letter to my fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill. In it, I shared my thoughts about this moment in our campaign. It’s time to come together, move forward as a unified party, and defeat Donald Trump,” Joe Biden wrote on X.

In Biden’s desperate letter, he reiterates blatant and debunked lies about President Trump, including: He will cut Social Security, he wants to take away $35 insulin (that he implemented but Biden takes credit for), and he denied rental housing to black people.

Biden then drivels on about “protecting freedoms of Americans,” while actively weaponizing his corrupt DOJ against his opposition through imprisonment, financial ruin, and censorship.

He also claimed that Democrats are defending “American Democracy,” despite the fact that the United States is a Constitutional Republic… not a “Democracy.”

Take a look:

The New York Post reported:

“Now that you have returned from the July 4th recess, I want you to know that despite all the speculation in the press and elsewhere, I am firmly committed to staying in this race, to running this race to the end, and to beating Donald Trump,” Biden wrote in his letter, which was addressed to “fellow Democrats.”

“I have had extensive conversations with the leadership of the party, elected officials, rank and file members, and most importantly, Democratic voters over these past 10 days or so. I have heard the concerns that people have — their good faith fears and worries about what is at stake in this election. I am not blind to them,” he said.

Biden has previously maintained he would not drop out but pushed back even harder in the letter, arguing that voters chose him as the Democratic nominee and that exiting the race now would say that “this process didn’t matter.”

“I feel a deep obligation to the faith and the trust the voters of the Democratic Party have placed in me to run this year. It was their decision to make. Not the press, not the pundits, not the big donors, not any selected group of individuals, no matter how well intentioned,” Biden said. 

“The voters — and the voters alone — decide the nominee of the Democratic Party. How can we stand for democracy in our nation if we ignore it in our own party? I cannot do that. I will not do that.”

He specifically blasted two candidates who ran against him.

“Only three people chose to challenge me,” Biden wrote.

“One fared so badly that he left the primaries to run as an independent. Another attacked me for being too old and was soundly defeated,” he said, apparently referring to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), respectively.

It remains to be seen if this approach will change any hearts, but Biden has also been sharing his message with friendly media outlets.

Axios offered a glimpse into the turmoil that has taken control of the Democrat Party:

The big picture: Democratic lawmakers have gone from shock, to sadness, to madness since the debate 10 days ago. These Democrats, further deflated by Biden’s high-stakes ABC interview, believe there’s nothing he can do to reverse the damage — or his aging.

• “The sh*t is going to hit the fan on Monday, when Congress returns,” a House Democrat told us. “People are scared about their own races. But they’re also worried about the country, and about democracy.”

•Lawmakers were antsy enough about Biden during their Fourth of July break this past week. There’ll be even greater torque when they’re venting, raging and plotting in person.

“Every single person not named Biden,” or paid by the president, recognizes how deep a hole he’s in, said a top Democratic operative who’s talking nonstop to elected officials.

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