Israel Provides Receipts That Show It Was a Palestinian Missile That Hit Hospital In Gaza [Video]

by J Pelkey
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On Tuesday evening, a missile struck the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, causing a huge explosion which resulted in the deaths of several hundred Palestinians.

Following the incident, the Palestinians, Islamic terrorist groups, and various western media outlets promptly blamed Israel.

This event occurred ten days after the largest slaughter of Jews since World War II, where over 1,300 Jews were killed by the terrorist group Hamas, and another 200 were taken hostage and transported to Gaza on October 7. The international media similarly blamed Israel for that attack.

Protests erupted throughout the Islamic world, directed at U.S. and Israeli embassies.

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Israeli officials promptly countered the reports that attributed the hospital strike to an Israeli rocket.

A battery of missiles were launched by the Islamic Jihadists in the vicinity at the same time.

Last night, the Israeli Defense Forces released raw video footage showing a rocket intended for Israel misfiring and detonating at precisely 6:59 – the moment the hospital in Gaza was hit.


Israel released more footage of the missile fire.


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