Hunter Biden Refuses to Attend Public Hearing on Joe Biden’s Corruption – Rep. James Comer Responds

by J Pelkey
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Hunter Biden is refusing to attend a public hearing scheduled for next week on Joe Biden’s corruption and pay-to-play schemes.

House Republicans have organized a public hearing titled “Influence Peddling: Examining Joe Biden’s Abuse of Public Office.” for next week.

Former associates of the Biden family, including Devon Archer, Tony Bobulinski, and Jason Galanis, have been invited to testify on March 20.

However, Hunter Biden has declined the invitation.

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“Your idea of congressional ‘fact-finding’ is, amazingly, to have Mr. Biden appear with the discredited ‘witnesses’ you continue to promote,” Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell wrote in a letter to House Republicans.

ABC News reported:

Hunter Biden on Wednesday rejected an invitation from House Republicans to appear for a public hearing next week alongside former business associates, an inquiry his attorney dismissed as a “carnival side show.”

In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, Abbe Lowell, the president’s son’s attorney, blasted Republicans’ efforts to bring his client before a public hearing after he had sat for a nearly seven-hour deposition last month.

“Your latest step—this March 6 invitation—is not a serious oversight proceeding,” Lowell said in the letter. “It is your attempt to resuscitate your Conference’s moribund inquiry with a made-for-right-wing-media, circus act.”

The invitation sent last week from Rep. James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, included three of Biden’s former business associates, all of whom are currently facing their own legal challenges.

In December, Hunter Biden refused to comply with a subpoena for a closed-door deposition, demanding a public hearing, in order to, “let the light shine on these proceedings.”

Hunter Biden held an impromptu press conference outside the U.S. Capitol to whine about “MAGA Republicans”, after refusing to comply with the subpoena for a closed-door deposition.


House Oversight Committee Chairman, James Comer (R-KY), issued a statement regarding Hunter’s refusal to attend the public hearing.

“The House Oversight Committee has called Hunter Biden’s bluff. Hunter Biden for months stated he wanted a public hearing, but now that one has been offered alongside his business associates that he worked with for years, he is refusing to come.

“During our deposition and interview phase of our investigation, Hunter Biden confirmed key evidence, including evidence that his father, President Joe Biden, lied to the American people about his family’s business dealings and in fact attended meetings, spoke on speakerphone, and had coffee with his foreign business associates who collectively funneled millions to the Bidens. However, parts of Hunter Biden’s testimony contradict the testimonies of Devon Archer, Jason Galanis, and Tony Bobulinski.

Next week’s hearing with Hunter Biden and his associates is moving forward and we fully expect Hunter Biden to participate. The American people demand the truth and accountability for the Bidens’ corruption.”

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