Hunter Biden Finally Set to Testify Before House Judiciary and Oversight Committees – Today, Feb. 28 at 10AM EST

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After months of negotiations and threats of contempt, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s embattled son, is set to testify before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on February 28.

The deposition, which started at 10 a.m., is part of the House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, aiming to ascertain whether he and his family members traded access to his office and political influence during his tenure as vice president.

Despite Hunter Biden’s prior insistence on a public testimony, the deposition will be conducted behind closed doors. This decision, along with others, was reached during negotiations over the past month, after House Republicans’ halted efforts to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress.

From The Epoch Times:

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The deposition will take place behind closed doors, despite the younger Biden’s prior insistence that it be conducted publicly.

That detail, among others, was hammered out in negotiations over the past month after House Republicans halted efforts to hold Mr. Biden in contempt of Congress.

Contrary to standard procedure, Hunter Biden’s testimony will not be recorded or televised.

CNN reported:

The deposition will not be videotaped, according to multiple sources.

This was a significant concession from Republicans, as interviews with other Biden family business associates and related witnesses have all been filmed.

Transcript release: The two sides also have agreed to the terms of the transcript release as a way to avoid selective leaks, the sources said.

Normally, the committee chair has to get the ranking member of the opposite party on the committee to sign off to release a transcript, or else the full committee decides.

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