Horrid Leftist Caught Tearing Down Posters of Israeli Hostages and Called Jews Dogs Is a Clinical Social Worker

by J Pelkey
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Last week, a video surfaced showing a horrid woman, along with an accomplice, tearing down  posters of missing children and adults held captive by the Hamas terrorist group.

In the video, the individual can be heard saying, “Kalb” — the Arabic word for dog — while tearing down the posters and then said “f**k you” and “burn in hell” to the individuals filming, who were reportedly Jewish.


Later the unsettling discover was made that the hateful woman is actually a clinical social worker.

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She (It?) is also the lesbian/queer activist daughter of muslim refugees.

Isn’t it a beauty?

As reported by Canary Mission, Daoud’s bio of a since-deleted Twitter account, where she had multiple posts in support of terrorists, said: “queer non-binary therapist, youth worker, eyebrow aficionado. here to act foolish, free Palestine, & abolish police. BLM [Black Lives Matter].”

It’s hard to imagine a more ridiculous and ignorant situation than a lesbian/queer activist who supports a terrorist group that hates her and her entire community.

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