Gretchen Whitmer Denies Forcing COVID Patients into Nursing Homes

by J Pelkey
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A 2020 study revealed 45% of all US COVID deaths occurred in US nursing homes.

In August 2020 the Trump Department of Justice requested data from four Democrat governors on their orders to send sick COVID-19 patients to nursing homes.

Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan was one of the five governors who sent sick patients to the nursing homes in her state.

Whitmer recently went on television and denied that nursing homes were required to take COVID infected patients, saying “They just weren’t”.

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A bald-faced lie.


On March 10, 2021, Click On Detroit reported that Gretchen Whitmer stood by her COVID nursing home policy amid scrutiny and threats of legal action, stating that she’s “proud of the work they did.”

From Click On Detroit (with video):

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has faced criticism over a nursing home policy that her administration put in place in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, patients who tested positive for COVID were placed in the same facility with patients who did not have COVID. Whitmer ended that practice after the first six months of the pandemic.

There is growing scrutiny over the policy with the prospect of lawsuits and other legal action. Whitmer said she remains proud of her team’s overall response to the coronavirus.

Whitmer’s policy differed from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo because Whitmer didn’t force COVID-positive patients to reside with COVID-negative patients. Instead, Whitmer incentivized the process by paying homes to take patients who had contracted COVID-19.

The most current count puts the long-term care death count at 5,537 in Michigan, which is more than 35 percent of all of the state’s COVID deaths.

When Cuomo came under fire for allegedly underreporting the number of seniors sent from nursing homes who died in hospitals, Local 4 filed a freedom of information request to look into Michigan’s numbers. There aren’t any.

The request was returned with a denial of data, saying, “there are no records of the location of death collected.”

“I’m proud of the work that we did. We can parse through different angles of statistics and compare ourselves with other states but … I think that it sometimes can be a fool’s errand because the way that we are congregating data varies from state to state,” Whitmer said. “When there’s never a national strategy, (it’s) hard to really compare apples to apples.”

Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido is expected to announce an effort to prosecute Whitmer for her nursing home policy.

The Department of Health and Human Services sent an update saying that nursing home patients who were transferred to the hospital and then died would be counted as a nursing home death — if they had not been discharged from the care facility.

Why didn’t she correct the record during that interview if it wasn’t accurate?

It was accurate and she was proud of it.

Here is her statement posted on her Michigan government website.

More from The Gateway Pundit:

In July 2021 the Biden Department of Justice dropped all of the investigations into the Democrat governors who tossed the sick COVID patients into the nursing homes killing tens of thousands of American seniors. They were never held responsible for their incoherent and deadly policies.

An auditor general report released in January stated that Michigan and Governor Whitmer may have undercounted nursing home deaths by 30 percent.

It was even worse than we thought.

Earlier this week Gretchen Whitmer went on television and claimed, “nursing homes were never required to take patients who had Covid. They just weren’t.”

Gretchen Whitmer is now lying about a policy she was once “proud” of before an election because she knows it was horrible.

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