Fourth-Generation Arizona Rancher Reveals Grim Reality of Biden’s Border Crisis – Has Found 17 Dead Bodies and “Rape Trees” On His Property [Video]

by J Pelkey
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John Ladd, a fourth-generation Arizona rancher who owns 16,000 acres of land spanning 10.5 miles along the southern border, revealed the grim reality of Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Ladd said that he has discovered 17 dead bodies, “rape trees”, and his property is crawling with illegals.

The 68-year-old has been vocal about Biden’s border crisis, describing the challenges of living on the border under an administration that cares more about illegal immigrants while penalizing American citizens.

Ladd pointed out a tree on his property adorned with women’s underwear, saying “that’s a rape tree.” “Rape trees” are trees and bushes along the U.S.-Mexican border which are adorned with the bras and underwear that have been ripped from the bodies of women when cartel smugglers rape them. They hung on the trees as “trophies” of these heinous acts.

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“Almost all the women who come across get raped by their guides, who then throw their underwear in the trees,” he explained.

Ladd carries a firearm at all times to safeguard his property and cattle. His family has maintained the ranch for 127 years.

“I’m in favor of having American citizens and private property owners have more control over their destiny. That’s the bottom line,” Ladd emphasized.

Speaking with Daily Mail, Ladd explained that the invaders crossing the Southern border are “military-age males in camouflage, Balaclavas and a cell phone. They don’t want to get caught.”


From the Daily Mail:

John Ladd’s phone is an archive of life on a ranch beside the Arizona border with Mexico.

Ladd, 68, has been a rancher all of his life. In the past 30 years he has learned about such savage displays, as well as the patterns of migrants who cross the border and the cartels who control turf on the other side.

His 16,000 acres lie in the busiest part of the entire border. Border Patrol agents in the Tucson sector recorded 250,000 apprehensions in just the first four months of the fiscal year — almost a 200 percent increase on last year.

His family has kept cattle here for four generations or 127 years.

These days he keeps count of the dead bodies he has found on his land — 17 in total (not counting those found on the 60ft strip of federal land at the border). They are migrants who succumbed to the desert heat in summer or the cold in winter or whose hearts gave out or the victims of violence.

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