Federal Judge Order FBI to Produce Information from Seth Rich’s Laptop Within 14 Days

by J Pelkey
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On November 28, a federal judge, U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant, ordered the FBI to provide all of the information they have related to former DNC employee Seth Rich to a Texas man.

The bureau’s efforts to contest an earlier order to hand over the information failed, as Judge Mazzant deemed the FBI’s claims of exemptions under federal law to be unsubstantiated.

Attorney Ty Clevenger is the attorney who has been going after the DOJ and FBI for years to get to the bottom of who gave the DNC and John Podesta’s emails to WikiLeaks during the 2016 election. 

Despite continuous denials by the FBI and DOJ of possessing any Seth Rich-related material, they were caught lying over and over again. In September, a judge ordered the FBI and DOJ to provide everything they had on Seth Rich. The FBI responded with a request for an additional 66 years before releasing the information.

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Now, a Federal Judge has ruled that the FBI must provide all information related to the murder Seth Rich.

Judge Mazzant ordered the FBI to turn over Rich’s personal laptop, work laptop, a DVD, and thumb drive within 14 days.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene confirmed the Judge’s ruling.

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Newsweek reported:

A judge has ordered the FBI to turn over the laptop of murdered Democrat staffer Seth Rich.

Judge Amos L. Mazzant ordered “a timeline for the disclosure of information on Seth Rich’s personal laptop, Seth Rich’s work laptop, the DVD and tape drive within 14 days following issuance of this Memorandum of Opinion and Order” on Wednesday morning.

Rich, who worked for the Democratic National Committee, was killed on July 10, 2016, while making his way home from a night out in Washington, D.C. He was speaking to his girlfriend on the phone when shots were heard.

In 2016, Mr. Rich, a Democratic National Committee employee, was fatally shot in Washington. The case remains unsolved, but documents disclosed in 2021 suggest may have paid for his murder.

The FBI expressed concerns about potential “violent reprisals” against their source if the computer information were released to Brian Huddleston, the Texas man. However, Judge Mazzant highlighted that the bureau failed to explain how revealing this information would directly endanger the source.

The absence of specific information surrounding Rich’s death has left many people perplexed.

Official reports state that Rich was a victim of a “botched” robbery attempt, and his murderer has never been found.

In recent years, various media outlets have suggested that Rich might have made himself a target by allegedly leaking DNC emails to WikiLeaks prior to his murder.

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