BREAKING: Tennessee House Expels Democrat Rep Who Led Insurrection at the State Capitol

by J Pelkey
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The Tennesse Three (left to right) – Democrat Reps. Justin Jones, Gloria Johnson and Justin Pearson

The Tennessee House of Representatives voted to officially expel radical Democrat state lawmaker, Justin Jones, for inciting a mob to storm the capitol building.

As Breaking Digest reported, a large group of gun control and trans activists stormed the Tennessee Capitol building, demanding gun control after a transgender terrorist killed six innocent Christians, including three children at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

The mob eventually made it all the way to the balconies overlooking the legislative chamber, forcing lawmakers to vacate the premises.

Jones took a bullhorn onto the floor and began to speak in solidarity with the insurrectionists, leading the “obstruction of official proceedings” and chanting, “No action, no peace”.

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Jones showed no remorse for his actions, and instead went on CNN to assert that Republicans are authoritarians and are a “clear and present danger to democracy”.


According to reports, the official vote wasn’t even close, with the final tally being 72-25 in favor of expelling Rep. Justin Jones.

Here’s the report from FOX News:

Hopefully, they’ll vote to boot the other two Democrats, Reps. Gloria Johnson and Justin Pearson, who helped incite the mob to storm the Capitol building.

In case you missed the insurrection, here is a video:

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