BREAKING: Rockets Fired at Israel from Syria, According to IDF

by J Pelkey
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On Tuesday night, Israeli Defense Forces soldiers swiftly retaliated with artillery and mortar shells in response to shell attacks from Syria.

A number of launches from Syria aimed for Israel were identified a short while ago. Part of the launches crossed into Israeli territory and presumably fell in open areas.

From the Jerusalem Post:

The IDF said it was responding to shells fired from Syria into Israel on Tuesday night.

Some of the shells most likely landed in open fields in Israel’s Golan Heights, the military added.

The IDF responded with artillery and mortar fire toward the source of the Syrian shelling.

Tensions are mounting along the border with Lebanon as Hezbollah militants engage in gunfire exchanges with the Israel Defense Forces.

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Turkey is also getting involved in the escalating situation.

It’s looking like World War III is right around the corner.

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