BREAKING: President Trump Wins the New Hampshire Republican Primary

by J Pelkey
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Just a short while ago, the last polls for the GOP New Hampshire primary closed at 8 pm, and almost immediately, Donald J. Trump was declared the winner.

As of 8:02 pm ET, Trump secured 22,252 votes, accounting for 52.0%, while Nikki Haley received 20,089 votes, totaling 47.0%.

President Trump spent the last several days in New Hampshire, holding huge rallies in Rochester, Laconia, and Manchester. Despite freezing temperatures and snow, New Hampshire voters attended Trump’s rallies.

Trump received a warm and enthusiastic reception at a polling place in Londonderry, New Hampshire, just before the Republican primary today.

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Election Analyst Dave Wasserman made the call first, stating that he had “seen enough.”

Elise Stefanik released a statement on Trump’s historic victory in New Hampshire:

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