BREAKING: Manhattan DA Bragg Melts Down In 5-Page Letter to House GOP – Blames Trump for Arrest Rumors as His Case Crumbles

by J Pelkey
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Breaking Digest previously reported that House Republicans sent a letter to corrupt Soros-funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg demanding communications, documents, and testimony related to his “unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority” and the “potential indictment” of President Trump.

On Thursday, Bragg’s office declined the request for testimony and documentation in a whiny five-page letter to House Republicans and blamed President Trump for starting the rumors that his arrest was imminent as his case crumbles.

The letter claims that the GOP would disrupt ongoing law enforcement operations, infringe upon state sovereignty, and constitute an improper use of congressional authority.

“The investigation is one of thousands conducted by the Office of the District Attorney in its long history of pursuing justice and protecting New Yorkers,” the letter stated.

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“The Letter’s allegation that the DA’s Office is pursuing a prosecution for political purposes is unfounded, and regardless, the proper forum for such a challenge is the Courts of New York, which are equipped to consider and review such objections” Bragg’s office said.

Bragg, who is trying to prosecute a federal matter out of New York state, claims the House GOP probe is an overreach into local issues.

The House Judiciary GOP responded on Thursday and said “Alvin Bragg should focus on prosecuting actual criminals in New York City rather than harassing a political opponent in another state. Make Manhattan Safe Again!”

President Trump also responded on Thursday:

The District Attorney’s Office under Alvin Bragg is allowing Violent Crime to flourish in New York City, like never before, while he spends all of his time making his Office, which is in total chaos, trying to find anything on “Trump.” He is doing the work of Anarchists and the Devil, who want our Country to fail. The “Horseface” agenda is dead, even by the most Radical Left Haters, but he doesn’t care, he wants to go with it anyway.

According to The Hill, the GOP’s demand for testimony related to the potential indictment of President Trump now extends beyond Bragg. On Wednesday, Jim Jordan sent a letter seeking testimony from two prosecutors who had resigned from the New York case due to disagreements with Bragg.

“Last year, you resigned from the office over Bragg’s initial reluctance to move forward with charges, shaming Bragg in your resignation letter — which was subsequently leaked — into bringing charges,” Jordan wrote to Mark Pomerantz, former New York County Special Assistant District Attorney.

“Based on your unique role in this matter, and your subsequent public statements prejudicing the impartiality of any prosecution, we request your cooperation with our oversight of this politically motivated prosecutorial decision.”

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1 comment

Wyatt March 24, 2023 - 4:44 pm

This Bragg guy is nothing more than a political puppet and wanna be . Backed by George ‘I hate America’ , Soros he probably thinks he can climb the political ladder , perhaps even become president himself one day . At any rate , his name will be out there and if successful he can run for a higher political office . Georgie Soros said so .


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