BREAKING: In Rare Victory for Conservatives Tom Emmer Drops Out of Speaker Race After President Trump’s Brutal Truth Social Post

by J Pelkey
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In a huge (and rare) victory for conservatives, Tom Emmer has dropped out of the House Speaker race.

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News was the first to report this development.

Earlier today, Breaking Digest reported that House Republicans nominated anti-Trump RINO Tom Emmer (RINO-MN), and a former spokesperson associated with a Soros-funded group, as their Speaker candidate, once again turning their backs on their voters.

Following five rounds of voting, Tom Emmer secured victory with a 20-vote margin over his closest competitor, Mike Johnson from Louisiana.

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After the initial vote, the House GOP conducted a roll call vote within their conference to assess whether Emmer would garner sufficient support to secure victory on the House floor. It was RINO Tom Emmer who explicitly requested this roll call vote.

However, 26 Republicans voted against him. Consequently, Emmer has chosen to withdraw from the race.

This turn of events could be attributed in part to a scathing post by President Trump on Truth Social.

Trump blasted Emmer in the post and then distributed it to House Republicans via text.

Trump made a pointed and potentially detrimental accusation against Emmer, asserting, “He fought me all the way, and actually spent more time defending Ilhan Omar, than he did me—He is totally out-of-touch with Republican Voters.”

Take a look:

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