BREAKING: DC Judge Temporarily Halts J6 Case Against Trump In Devastating Blow to Scumbag Jack Smith

by J Pelkey
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Judge Tanya Chutkan has temporarily halted President Trump’s federal prosecution in the January 6th case, pending a motion filed by the defense invoking Presidential immunity.

The decision posed a significant setback for Special Counsel Jack Smith, who aimed to prosecute and convict Trump before the November 2024 election.

Reporter Simon Ateba provided more details:

BREAKING: The federal judge overseeing Donald Trump’s 2020 election interference case, Judge Tanya Chutkan, just announced that she has temporarily halted procedural deadlines due to ongoing appeals regarding a crucial issue. 

She said this could potentially delay Trump’s trial scheduled for March 4, 2024. 

Judge Chutkan also clarified that she lacks jurisdiction over certain aspects of the case while the DC Circuit Court of Appeals determines whether Trump is immune from prosecution. 

Recall that Special counsel Jack Smith has sought Supreme Court intervention to expedite this appeals process. He went directly to the Apex Court, skipping the Appeals Court. 

The judge, however, said that while the trial date may be affected, she retains the authority to enforce previously imposed measures to preserve the integrity of the proceedings, such as a limited gag order and release conditions for Trump.

Lawyer and writer Leslie McAdoo Gordon supplied the relevant legal documents that mandated a temporary halt in the January 6th case, pending a motion for dismissal.

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From CBS News:

Chutkan wrote that Trump’s move gives the higher court jurisdiction over the case.

She noted that if the case is returned to her she will consider “whether to retain or continue the dates of any still-future deadlines and proceedings, including the trial scheduled for March 4.”

The case would return to her if Trump’s immunity claim is ultimately rejected, allowing the prosecution to move forward.

Jonathan Turley, a constitutional attorney, shed light on the ramifications of Judge Chutkan’s decision to halt the proceedings in Trump’s case: “Judge Chutkan just put a hold on further proceedings in the federal case against Trump. Smith has worked doggedly to keep the trial scheduled for just before Super Tuesday. This could endanger that date and make it more difficult to try Trump before the election.”

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