BREAKING: DC Judge Sentences Steve Bannon to 4 Months in Prison and $6,500 Fine – Bannon Responds

by J Pelkey
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Steve Bannon was sentenced today to 4 months in federal prison by Judge Carl Nichols in a Washington DC courtroom.

Judge Carl Nichols lectured Steve Bannon before sentencing him for defying the sham J6 Committee’s subpoena.

Bannon was also ordered to pay a $6,500 fine.

Bannon will be permitted to “voluntarily surrender” to serve his prison term.

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If he doesn’t appeal, Bannon will have to report to prison no later than November 15.

Investigative journalist, Julie Kelly, pointed out that Biden’s corrupt DOJ extended Bannon’s jail sentence because he mocked the Democrat Party’s J6 Committee, and he mocked Democrats Adam Schiff and Eric “Fang-Fang” Swalwell.

Bannon also called the sham J6 Committee a “Moscow Show Trial.”

Unhinged leftists greeted Bannon after his sentencing as he left the courthouse and screamed, “TRAITOR!” while he was responding on his prison sentence.


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