Biden’s Border Crisis: Another Dead Body Recovered from the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass Texas [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Illegal aliens are losing their lives by attempting to cross the Rio Grande river in Texas.

On Thursday morning, the lifeless body of a middle-aged man who had drowned was recovered from the river. This comes after a 3-year-old boy drowned on Wednesday, and a 10-year-old child drowned in the same area last week. These incidents have become all too common due to Joe Biden’s wide-open Southern border.


According to CBP (Customs and Border Protection), in just the past 24 hours, more than 10,000 illegal aliens were encountered at the border.

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The Border Patrol Union disclosed on Wednesday that over the past three weeks, the Biden administration ordered the release of more than 100,000 illegal immigrants.

As there appears to be no resolution in sight for Biden’s ongoing border crisis, the situation is only going to get worse. It is difficult to fathom the potential long-term consequences that this crisis may inflict upon our nation.

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