ABC’s Martha Raddatz Calls DHS Secretary Mayorkas Out on the Administration’s Ineffective Border Executive Order [Video]

by J Pelkey
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DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared on ABC’s This Week, with host Martha Raddatz, to discuss Joe Biden’s executive order on border security.

During the interview, Raddatz played a clip of an interview with Mayorkas from 2021 where he discussed the regime’s plan to secure the Southern border.

“We have a plan. We are executing on our plan and we will succeed,” Mayorkas told Raddatz back in 2021.

After playing the clip, Raddatz called Mayorkas out, saying, “That was three years ago, since then 6.5 million migrants have been apprehended along the southern border, it’d be very hard to call that a success.”

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Even Democrat friendly mainstream media is calling the Biden administration out on its ineffectiveness.

The Biden administration has had over three years to secure the border, yet they have intentionally left it wide open.

“This has been in place for 5 days now. What has the impact been? How many migrants have been turned away between those points of entry? Martha Raddatz asked.

“We are at a very early stage. Implementation as you have noted has just begun,” Mayorkas responded, offering an excuse instead of answering her question.


The American people are tired of the lies and excuses. The Biden regime has done nothing for three years, resulting in 10 to 12 million illegal aliens entering the U.S. since January 2021.

Last week, Joe Biden held a staged press conference at the White House to discuss his ineffective executive order on border security, offering more empty promises.

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