A Coffee Shop in Pocatello, Idaho is Putting on a Back to School ALL AGES Drag Show

by J Pelkey
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A coffee shop in Pocatello, Idaho is hosting a “Back to School” ALL AGES drag show, in collaboration with Southeastern-Idaho Pride.

The event is set to take place at the College Market, on Sept 24.

From the College Market website:

All Ages Drag Show (September 2022)
3:00 PM  5:00 PM

In collaboration with Southeastern-Idaho Pride, the College Market is hosting a drag show for the whole family. The second “All Ages Drag Show” will feature local queen and king talent, emceed by OsO AquA VelveT.

The free event aims to bring the fun and inviting spirit of drag to those who aren’t typically able to attend shows in their traditional setting (bars, clubs, etc.). We’ll bring the queens and kings out into the light—eek!—and onto the College Market floors September 24, 2022 at 3pm.

Come bring good vibes, cheerful voices, and all the pride swag.

The event is tagged: “Family” on the coffee shop’s website.

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