50 Texas Counties Officially Declare “Invasion” at the Border Due to Biden’s Failed Policies

by J Pelkey
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The Constitution explicitly outlines the federal government’s role regarding illegal immigration and protecting the border.

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence,” Article IV, Section 4 declares.

The Biden regime is deliberately disregarding the Constitution by refusing to protect U.S. citizens from the invasion of illegal aliens and violent criminal cartels through the wide-open Southern border.

As a response, Texas counties are taking matters into their own hands. 50 counties have declared that the border crisis amounts to an “invasion.”

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According to The Center Square, the judges and commissioners of Bandera, Schleicher, and Uvalde counties are the latest to take this action, invoking both Article IV of the U.S. Constitution and Article IV, Section 7 of the Texas Constitution.

”Officials in Bandera and Schleicher counties signed nearly identical resolutions in November as Crockett County’s. Crockett County declared an invasion after its county judge’s family members were killed by an alleged human smuggler. Uvalde County officials signed their invasion resolution in July, when they also joined a coalition led by Atascosa County Judge Weston Cude.”

Joe Biden’s administration and Democrats in Congress don’t want true efforts to safeguard U.S. citizens from the invasion of illegal immigrants and criminal cartels at the southern border. Their approach seems limited to mere rhetoric rather than providing meaningful protection to voters in border states against the flood of fentanyl and lawlessness.

Within this document, the Texas governor is vested with the power to deploy military forces to “suppress insurrection and to repel invasions.”

“The invasion is unsustainable and threatens the lives of our citizens,” resolutions adopted by the counties declaring an “invasion” state, according to The Center Square.

“The Biden administration created the border crisis, county officials argue, with an estimated 10 million people illegally entering the country since 2021. An unprecedented 1.9 million illegal entered Texas in fiscal 2023 alone,” the outlet noted.

It’s interesting how the left is keen on suppressing “insurrection,” particularly concerning President Trump or the patriots who went to the Capitol on January 6, 2021 to protest the rigged and stolen 2020 presidential election. But entering the U.S. illegally is just fine.

Below is the list of Texas counties that have declared an invasion:

Atascosa, Bandera, Burnet, Chambers, Clay, Collin, Crockett, Ector, Edwards, Ellis, Fannin, Franklin, Frio, Goliad, Hamilton, Hardin, Harrison, Hood, Hunt, Jack, Jasper, Johnson, Karnes, Kinney, La Salle, Lavaca, Leon, Liberty, Live Oak, Madison, McMullen, Medina, Montague, Navarro, Orange, Parker, Presidio, Schleicher, Shackelford, Somervell, Terrell, Throckmorton, Tyler, Uvalde, Van Zandt, Waller, Wharton, Wichita, Wilson and Wise.

Additionally, 58 counties have issued declarations of disaster. It’s worth noting there isn’t a direct one-to-one overlap, possibly due to Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s issuance of a state disaster declaration for certain counties in 2021.

Meanwhile, the regime is pushing Republicans to abandon law enforcement and instead pursue border security by endorsing the untenable amnesty package proposed by Joe Biden at the start of his term—a plan that Congress has already rejected as a self-destructive strategy.

From the Western Journal:

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday put on a master class in confusion:

The spokeswoman for the administration that refused to call a border crisis a border crisis, and lobbied for legislation that encouraged the illegal immigration that created the border crisis that supposedly isn’t a crisis, is now blaming the governor of Texas for humanely offering transportation to sanctuary cities to those who came over the border illegally.

Jean-Pierre insisted that what Gov. Greg Abbott really should have done to encourage border security is tell his state’s senators to pass the immigration legislation that partially encouraged the border crisis that supposedly isn’t a crisis in the first place.

Got that?

Yes, I can see why you might be baffled. In fact, those weren’t the exact words Jean-Pierre used when appearing on CNN Tuesday morning to discuss Democrat mayors in major cities complaining that Abbott, a Republican, is transporting illegal immigrants where they want to go instead of keeping them in Texas.

But that was the takeaway after Jean-Pierre was confronted on CNN with the words of Democratic mayors who are frustrated with bearing the burden of the Biden administration’s decisions about allowing untold numbers of so-called “asylum seekers” into the country:


Since the beginning of President Joe Biden’s administration, Republicans have been asking Democrats to realize the proportions of the border crisis. Now, Democrats are asking the White House to do the same thing.

“CNN This Morning” co-host Audie Cornish asked what Jean-Pierre’s response to this was.

KJP’s response, in essence: Abbott needs to suck it up and pound sand. Offense meant to be taken, Greg:


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