Young Ex-Premier League Footballer Retires at 22 Due to Myocarditis Diagnosis

by J Pelkey
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In an emotional announcement, Lars Dendoncker, a former Premier League star and Belgian professional footballer, has made the difficult decision to retire from football at the age of 22.

Citing a diagnosed heart condition, Dendoncker has chosen to prioritize his health over his passion and illustrious career in professional football.

Last year, Dendoncker shared on his Instagram, “I have been through tough times the past few months. Six months ago I was about to make a transfer to a new club. I did my medical and something wasn’t right with my heart condition. I suffered from myocarditis. But I did not have many symptoms. I had to stop playing football for 3 months and undergo further examination. I am still waiting for some second opinions and will keep everyone posted on my future.”

In a new post on Thursday, Dendoncker shared the news of his decision, expressing that his cherished dream of a career in professional football has come to an abrupt end.

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“As a child, I only had one dream. Become a professional football player. But my professional career and dream has come to a very early end,” he wrote.

Dendoncker, known for his roles as a defender for Brighton and Hove Albion in the Premier League and on loan for St. Johnstone, shared, “Because of my heart condition, I have decided to stop playing because of my own health. This was and will be the hardest decision ever in my life. But there is no going back and I have to look in the future. This will take time to process.”

“I’ve learned a lot throughout the years and had to sacrifice a lot. So this really hurts. 11 years at the academy of Club Bruges where I made a lot of friends. 2 beautiful years with Brighton and a loan move to St. Johnstone where I made my professional debut,” he added.

Dendoncker conveyed his pain over the sudden end of his dream, expressing, “I’ve learned a lot throughout the years and had to sacrifice a lot. So this really hurts.”

In his heartfelt message, he expressed gratitude to all the players and staff he had the privilege of working with during his football career, yet he chose not to disclose the specific details of his heart condition.

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