WATCH: Trump Campaign Drops Powerful New 2024 Ad

by J Pelkey
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Biden’s “Presidency” has been filled with chaos, failures, and weakness. He has done more damage to this country than all of the worst presidents combined.

From historic failures internationally to crises at home, the Biden administration destroys everything it touches.

Border crisis, ballooning debt, out-of-control inflation, failing banks, botched Afghanistan withdrawal, return to energy dependence, crime surge, deadly fentanyl crisis, war on parents, and gender-affirming surgeries for children are just some of the growing list of Joe Biden’s failures.

President Trump’s latest campaign ad highlights many of these failures and more.

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The video then transitions to positivity, describing how only Trump’s return can Make America Great for us… again.


According to a recent NBC poll, 70% of people, including 51% of Democrats, do not want Joe Biden to run for reelection.

Among GOP primary voters, Trump holds a massive 32-point lead over potential challenger Ron DeSantis when asked which candidate is the stronger leader.

President Trump continues to surge in the polls and rack up GOP endorsements.

Recently the Mayor of East Palestine, Ohio, Trent Conaway, endorsed President Trump as the 2024 GOP front-runner.


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