Trump’s Attorney Provides Optimistic Update on New York Trial: “Not Gonna Go So Well” For New York AG Letitia James

by J Pelkey
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Alina Habba, President Trump’s lead attorney, provided Newsmax viewers with an update on the progress of his New York civil case, suggesting that upcoming developments are “not gonna go so well” for New York Attorney General Letitia James.

After a week in court, Habba stated that the Trump has a “very strong” case, arguing that the presiding judge erred in ruling that the Trump real estate enterprise significantly inflated the value of properties like Mar-a-Lago for strategic business purposes. The 45th president has characterized the trial as part of a broader “witch hunt” orchestrated by far-left prosecutors, including James, who are weaponizing the legal system to obstruct his potential candidacy in the upcoming general election against a weakened Joe Biden.

“This court, which we strongly believe we shouldn’t have been in, we’ve been fighting hard. And I’ve gotta tell you: their key witness, you know, came up, he said frankly everything I wanted him to say perfectly and I looked over and I think that we’re doing very well and it’s not going to go so well for Letitia James,” said Habba.

“At the end of the day, the Trump Organization did nothing wrong and they’re using a consumer fraud statute inappropriately against a private business. It’s not supposed to happen and it’s a very scary precedent for New Yorkers,” she added.

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President Trump has maintained his innocence in all five cases filed against him. However, the efforts led by Habba and her team have cost Trump and his co-defendants substantially. President Trump recently organized a fundraiser, where tickets were priced at $100,000 per attendee, to support the 18 individuals who are facing charges alongside him in Georgia.

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