T-Mobile is Latest Retailer to Call it Quits in Downtown San Francisco

by J Pelkey
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Another major retailer has found out that it’s extremely difficult to operate in filthy, crime-ridden, drug-infested liberal hellholes of the United States.

Woke T-Mobile is the latest to decide to call it quits in deep blue San Francisco, citing declining foot traffic and increased criminal activity.

This follows the closure of other major retail stores, such as Nordstrom, Walgreens, William-Sonoma, Office Depot, Whole Foods, and many others.

Screenshot via The San Francisco Standard

Way to go, Democrats!

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RedState reported:

T-Mobile Becomes Latest Retailer to Close Flagship Store in San Francisco

The telecommunications giant T-Mobile has closed its flagship store located in the San Francisco’s downtown area amid declining foot traffic and increased criminal activity.

The company reportedly closed the store, which spanned two stories and 17,000 square feet and was located in the upscale department store and shopping hub of Union Square, around a month ago.

In a statement provided to SFGATE via email, a company spokesperson did not give specific details about the decision, instead citing a change in “retailer strategy.”

“We recently reshaped our retail strategy,” said the spokesperson. “Employees have been offered roles within the company.”

Once a vast flagship store for Apple, the building at 1 Stockton was sold to Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation in 2013 for $50 million. Apple has since relocated to its current location on Post Street. According to records, the building was sold to the corporation following Apple’s relocation.

The closure is merely the latest indication of companies’ desperation to flee San Francisco, which has become notorious for its shocking levels of crime and homelessness, high taxes, and [committment] to ultra-left-wing ideology.

Some reactions from Twitter:

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