President Trump Receives a Hero’s Welcome As He Returns to Mar-a-Lago Late Last Night

by J Pelkey
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Just days after an unconstitutional guilty verdict in the sham “hush money” trial, President Trump received a hero’s welcome upon his return to Mar-a-Lago late last night.

Dan Scavino shared a video of the reception on X, stating, “Huge crowd for President Trump late last night as he returned to Mar-a-Lago. The Donald truly is the people’s President.”


Despite efforts by the left to stop him, support for Trump has only grown louder and stronger.

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When he appeared at UFC 302 in Newark, NJ, just two days after the verdict, the crowd sent a powerful message of discontent with the current administration and support for Trump. The rousing applause and standing ovation were accompanied by chants of “F—k Joe Biden” and “We Want Trump.”


In the days following the verdict, the Trump campaign raised over $70 million, primarily from small donors. When including larger donations, such as a $300,000 donation from Shaun Maguire of Sequoia Capital Partner, the campaign has raised over $200 million.

Within a few hours of joining TikTok, President Trump gained over two million followers. He now has over four million.

This contrasts sharply with the Biden campaign, which has been on the platform for months and still only has less than 350,000 followers.

Take a look:

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