Portland Antifa Bragged about Committing Regular Voter Fraud

by J Pelkey
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A Portland Antifa activist posted a tweet bragging about committing voter fraud numerous times in Oregon.

Twitter user Redwood_PDX posted this tweet on Saturday.

Andy Ngo at Patreon reported:

An Antifa account in Portland, Ore. regularly involved with planning riots is boasting about committing voter fraud by submitting multiple ballots every day across the city. He is encouraging his comrades to do the same. Oregon has universal mail-in voting.

Polling shows Republican gubernatorial candidate, Christine Drazan, is statistically tied against Democrat Tina Kotek in the deep blue state.

Kotek, who served as the speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives for nine years, expressed support for Antifa rioters in 2020 and her top staffer was arrested at a violent riot. She is seen as a continuation of outgoing governor Kate Brown.

In Portland, far-left city council incumbent Jo Ann Hardesty is polling double digits behind moderate Democrat Rene Gonzalez, sparking fury among Hardesty’s militant leftist supporters.

He got the attention of Senate candidate Joe Rae Perkins.

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Redwood_PDX’s response to Perkins:

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