Michael Cohen Blows Up Alvin Bragg’s Flimsy Case: Admits He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Pocket

by J Pelkey
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Michael Cohen took the stand on Monday to testify in Alvin Bragg’s lawfare “hush money” trial against President Trump.

Cohen blew up the entire case against Trump, as he testified that in October 2016, he took out a home equity line of credit in order to pay the $130,000 to Daniels as part of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to keep her quiet about her alleged affair with President Trump.

He described this move as crucial in preventing what he believed would be catastrophic damage to Trump’s campaign, according to Fox News.

The case, described by many as another example of lawfare launched by Democrats and the Biden administration, has yet to pinpoint a specific criminal act that President Trump is supposed to have committed.

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Cohen testified that Trump didn’t care about the embarrassment of the story, implying Trump’s confidence that it wouldn’t affect him if he won the election. This revelation could significantly affect the prosecution’s argument, which relies on demonstrating Trump’s involvement in a cover-up to sway the election outcome.

Per Cohen, Trump’s primary concern wasn’t the affair’s exposure but rather its potential impact on his campaign. Cohen testified that Trump remarked, “If I win, it won’t have any relevance. If I lose, I don’t really care.”

During his testimony, Cohen admitted to deceiving First Republic Bank regarding the purpose of the bank account established to transfer funds to Daniels. He designated the account for “management consulting” purposes because he was convinced that the bank would reject it if they knew its true purpose.

Cohen stressed that he made sure his wife was unaware of these financial maneuvers because she handled their household finances. He was scared of her reaction if such a substantial amount were to suddenly vanish from their shared account.


During his testimony, Michael Cohen expressed feeling “angrier than he remembers ever being” by a Christmas bonus from President Trump, prompting Trump to laugh in the courtroom. Cohen was furious and complained to Weisselberg. Despite his evident animosity, he has been allowed to remain a witness.

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