Mayor Eric Adams Declares NYC Full, Says There’s “No More Room” for Illegal Immigrants [VIDEO]

by J Pelkey
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New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, says that the city has reached full capacity and has “no more room” to accommodate illegal aliens.

The tactic of relocating these individuals from border states to blue areas has proven to be effective. Liberals are now gaining a better understanding of the impact of their policies on people in different parts of the country.

Adams is even planning to distribute fliers at the border to inform illegal immigrants that they will not find shelter in New York.

Politico reported:

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has said for months his city has no more capacity to house asylum-seekers.

On Wednesday, he switched on a virtual ‘No Vacancy’ sign with a dramatic change in policy after absorbing more than 90,000 migrants in the five boroughs since last year with little help from the federal government.

Under a new mayoral directive, single adult migrants will only be allowed to stay in the city’s shelter system for 60 days, after which they will be required to reapply for a slot. The idea, Adams said at a City Hall press conference, is to prioritize shelter beds for families while helping single adults search for other places for them to stay, whether it is with friends or family elsewhere.

“Our goal is: no child, no family is sleeping on the streets,” Adams said. “That’s our goal, and we’re getting closer and closer to being unable to fulfill even that.”

New York City is one of the only metro areas in the country with a right to shelter, meaning people looking for a bed will be housed for as long as they need one. There are about 55,000 migrants in the system, making up slightly more than half of the total shelter population, a record amount.


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Brenda Dixon-Hines July 22, 2023 - 8:44 am

Welcome to the border NY.


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