Kevin McCarthy Addresses Media After Ouster As Speaker: “I Will Not Run for Speaker Again” [Video]

by J Pelkey
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As Breaking Digest previously reported, Matt Gaetz’s motion to vacate the chair against House Speaker Kevin McCarthy passed after a vote on the House floor Tuesday.

The office of the Speaker of the House was declared vacant.

Now we learn that Kevin McCarthy will not run for Speaker again.

McCarthy first revealed this in a private GOP meeting, as reported by multiple congressional reporters and House members. He later confirmed the information himself during a press conference.

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Shortly after being removed as Speaker, McCarthy addressed the nation during a press conference, where he extended his appreciation to the American people for granting him the chance to serve as House Speaker, describing his tenure as, “One of the greatest honors, I loved every minute.”

“I do not regret negotiating, our government is designed to find compromise. I don’t regret my efforts to build coalitions and find solutions. I was raised to solve problems, not create them,” McCarthy asserted. “So I may have lost the vote today, but as I walk out of this chamber I feel fortunate to have served the American people. I leave the speakership with a sense of pride, accomplishment, and yes, optimism.”

“From the day I entered politics, my mission has always been to make tomorrow better than today. I fought for what I believe in, and I believe in this country of America,” he continued. “My goals have not changed, my ability to fight is just in a different form.”

McCarthy then turned his attention to his Republican detractors, saying, “You need 218. Unfortunately, four percent of the Republican conference can join all the Democrats and dictate who can be the Republican speaker in this House,” adding that he believes the motion to vacate is not a good rule for the institution.

“I will not run for speaker again, I’ll have the conference pick somebody else,” McCarthy confirmed.

He concluded his statement by quoting Lou Gehrig’s famous “luckiest man” speech, extending well wishes to the conference, and expressing gratitude to the American people for the opportunity to serve.


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