Joe Biden is Recruiting an Army of Social Media Influencers For 2024 Campaign

by J Pelkey
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From historic failures internationally to crises at home, the Biden administration makes every single thing it touches worse.

High inflation, the banking crisis, the war in Ukraine, the wide-open Southern border, the supply chain crisis, and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan are just some of the failures of the Biden administration.

Despite these failures, Joe Biden plans on running for re-election in 2024, although he has yet to officially announce it.

Biden’s digital strategy team is recruiting an army of Communist Tik Tok influencers for his re-election campaign.

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The administration is reportedly open to giving the influencers a briefing room in the White House.

Breitbart reported:

President Joe Biden, who has yet to officially announce he is running for reelection, is reportedly going to rely on an “army” of online “influencers” for his reelection campaign and they could have their own “briefing room” at the White House.

The president’s campaign seeks to “boost Biden’s standing among young voters who are crucial to Democrats’ success in elections” and will be used to counter former President Donald Trump’s “massive social media following” if he is the nominee, Axios reported.

The report noted that the president’s digital strategy team would like to connect with influencers across the county to help Biden tout his record to those who do not follow the social media accounts of Biden, the White House, or the Democratic Party. Reportedly, there are four Biden digital staffers — run by Rob Flaherty, who has been named assistant to the president and will hold the same rank as press secretary — focused on influencers and independent content creators on the White House payroll, not the Biden campaign.

Some “unpaid and like-minded” content creators working with the White House include TikTokers Harry Sisson, who talks about news on the Chinese social media app, and Vivian Tu, who talks about financial topics on the Chinese social media app.

Steve Bannon responded to the report saying:

Via Gettr:

Biden Regime intends to use an ‘Army of The Most Uninformed’ in desperate move to cling to power ….

They have lost control of the narrative, and their influence over the masses. This is a desperate attempt to get back the control. It’s not going to work.

Obviously, Tik Tok is here to stay.

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