Illegal Alien Flips Off Camera After Being Released Without Bail for Attacking Two NYPD Officers

by J Pelkey
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Jhoan Boada, one of a group of illegal aliens who attacked an NYPD officer and a lieutenant, brazenly flipped off cameras after being charged.

Incredibly, the illegals were released without bail.

Authorities have brought charges against seven of the illegal aliens involved in the attacks.

The assault, captured on video near a migrant center in Times Square, shows officers initially instructing the group to disperse. However, moments later, the officers are seen grappling with one of the migrants.

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Watch the caught-on-camera attack here:

Fox News reported:

A violent illegal immigrant who was arrested for taking part in a mob attack on two NYPD officers flipped the bird at awaiting reporters as he was released from custody on Wednesday.

Jhoan Boada, 22, made the offensive double-handed signal after he was released from police custody on charges of assaulting a police officer and gang assault for the shocking beat down in Times Square on Saturday near a migrant shelter.

Boada didn’t appear bothered by the serious charges as he flipped his two middle fingers and smirked at reporters and photographers outside the Midtown South Precinct in Manhattan. He was wearing a black Los Angeles Lakers shirt and khakis leaving the precinct station, while he has a tattoo on his left forearm.

Boada and several other illegal immigrants attacked an NYPD officer and lieutenant just steps from the New Amsterdam theater — a popular destination among tourists. The caught-on-camera attack has sparked widespread condemnation.

Seven illegal immigrants have now been charged in relation to the attack.

Authorities have reported that eight individuals were involved in the assault on the two police officers.

The suspects below, identified as Kelvin Servat Arocha (19), Darwin Andres Gomez Izquiel (19), Wilson Juarez (21), and Yorman Reveron (24), were all charged with assault. However, they were later released without bail.

From left to right: Kelvin Servat Arocha (19), Darwin Andres Gomez Izquiel (19), Wilson Juarez (21), and Yorman Reveron (24)

Jhoan Boada, 22, the fifth suspect released without bail, was apprehended after being identified through surveillance footage and a wanted poster.

Upon leaving Manhattan Criminal Court, Boada brazenly denied the allegations in Spanish and flipped off the cameras.


Video Researcher Western Lensman commented, “This man entered the country illegally, was caught on camera beating a cop, and walked out of jail without bail. This is what he thinks of you and your country. He believes he is above the law. And he’s right.”

Following the initial arrests, two more suspects, Yohenry Brito (24) and Jandry Barros (21) were arrested and charged with felony assault and robbery. These individuals, like the previous ones, have connections to Venezuela and have been residing in city migrant shelters without work permits or known relatives in the city.

New York Governor Hochul commented on the potential deportation of the violent illegal aliens involved in the attack during a press conference where she announced Steven G. James’s nomination as the new New York State Police Superintendent.

“”I think that’s actually something that should be looked at. I mean, if someone commits a crime against a police officer in the state of New York and they’re not here legally, it’s definitely worth checking into,” Hochul said, according to the New York Post.

“These are law enforcement officers who should never under any circumstances be subjected to physical assault… It’s wrong on all accounts and I’m looking to judges and prosecutors to do the right thing,” she added.

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