Family Blames Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Their 18-Year-Old Daughter’s Sudden Death

by J Pelkey
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The family of an 18-year-old, who died suddenly on Nov. 9, blames the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for her death.

Trista Deane Martin, a 2022 graduate of Broken Arrow High School, died suddenly months after receiving the Pfizer shot.

“I woke up this morning & for that split second before I was totally awake, I thought it was all just a horrible dream… then reality came crashing down around me, drowning me, crushing me, you are gone,” Trista’s mother, Taylor Martin, wrote on her Facebook account. “Why??? None of this makes any sense. I’m lost. I’m broken.”

“Our sweet, funny, fierce, caring, kind, strong, there are not enough words, daughter is gone. In the blink of an eye, gone. Trista Deanè Martin passed away yesterday evening & we have no answers. No why. Just gone. She was only 18. She was just starting her adult life. This isn’t fair. This isn’t right. Your children are not supposed to go before you,” she continued.

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“She actually had already had COVID twice & the media made her think she still needed the shot,” she wrote in a Twitter post.

“I blame the media for scaring our children into believing the BS!” Taylor added.

“This has to be stopped! They need to be held accountable!” she continued.

Trista allegedly had the Pfizer shot in July and didn’t tell her family about it.

“On November 9, my healthy, vibrant [18-year-old] beautiful daughter Trista [died suddenly]. We don’t know why. She just died. It will take months for the M.E. report, they said. I learned from her friends that she got the Pfizer shot back in July and told her friends not to tell me,” Trista’s father, Allen Martin, wrote on his social media.

According to Allen, his daughter had natural antibodies because she had COVID twice prior to receiving the shot.

“She got a check-up in July. They found nothing out of the ordinary. I am not anti-vax. I’m anti-Covid vax. We all already had covid and have natural antibodies. There was no legitimate reason for her to get this shot behind my back,” Allen wrote.

Allen stated that his daughter suffered heart swelling and organ failure.

“I have no doubt that Pfizer and the relentless “it’s safe” message from the media killed my daughter. We HAVE to stop this,” Allen said in the email.

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