DISGUSTING: Pro-Hamas Agitators Burn American Flag and Desecrate World War I Memorial in NYC While Police Guard Met Gala [Video]

by J Pelkey
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Pro-Hamas agitators expressed their unchecked anger by targeting symbols of American pride and historical significance, taking advantage of a lack of police presence following their unsuccessful attempt to disrupt the Met Gala on Monday night.

According to the New York Post, these individuals defaced the 107th Infantry Memorial in Central Park with graffiti reading “Gaza” in bold black letters.

Furthermore, they adorned the statue’s soldiers with stickers of the Palestinian flag alongside messages such as “Stop the Genocide. End the apartheid. Free Palestine.” Some even climbed on top of the figures to drape them with the terrorist flag.

However, the most egregious act occurred when one agitator, wearing a keffiyeh bandana, chose to burn an American flag while others watched and filmed the despicable act.

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Below are two videos showing the disgusting actions of the terrorist sympathizers.


According to the New York Post, not a single police officer was present while all of this unfolded, as they were preoccupied with guarding leftist celebrities at the Met Gala, the most over-hyped fashion event in the world.

The vandalism wasn’t limited to the 107th Infantry Memorial; The Post also reveals that the America-hating vandals targeted the bronze statue of Civil War Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman in Grand Army Plaza.

Earlier that evening, the NYPD arrested two dozen anti-Israel agitators as they marched from Hunter College toward the Met Gala. This “Day of Rage” protest was orchestrated by the pro-Hamas activist group Within Our Lifetime.

These agitators proceeded north on Fifth Avenue, disrupting traffic before being stopped by authorities in Central Park. Some of them later directed their aggression towards desecrating symbols of American pride and heroism.

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