CNBC Contributor Dies Suddenly Following “Brief Illness”

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Ben White, a CNBC contributor and veteran journalist, died suddenly after a “brief illness,” according to his partner.

“This is Ben’s partner, Sara. I’m heartbroken to tell you that Ben died on Saturday, June 1 after a brief illness. He loved his family, being a journalist, rooting for the Yankees and the Commanders and so much more. He’ll forever be in my heart and will be missed by so many,” White’s partner, Sara, wrote on his X account.

White was also the chief economic correspondent for Politico, the New York Post reports.

He had been a CNBC contributor since 2013.

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From the New York Post:

Ben White, the chief economic correspondent for news site Politico and frequent contributor to CNBC, has died, his partner announced on social media.

White died on Saturday due to illness, according to his partner.

In more than three decades as a journalist, White’s byline has appeared in Financial Times, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Before joining Politico in 2009, he earned awards for his coverage of the financial crisis while at The New York Times.

White was US banking editor and Wall Street correspondent for the Financial Times between 2005 and 2007.

Top journalists in media paid tribute to White as they reacted with shock and sadness to his partner’s announcement.

The first question that often arises when someone “dies suddenly” after a “brief” or “short” illness is whether they received the dangerous experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

According to his social media posts, White did receive the shot and was critical of those who chose not to:

No I’m not crying like a small baby under my mask. That is you who is doing that. My huge thanks to science and everyone working so hard to bring this nightmare closer to an end. Bless you all. #GetVaxxed

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