CBS News Fact-Checks Rep. Goldman’s Lie About Devon Archer’s Testimony

by J Pelkey
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On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee dropped the full transcript of Devon Archer’s testimony to Congress, and it contains damning revelations.

Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman (D-NY) previously depicted Archer’s testimony as evidence indicating that Hunter Biden faced pressure from Ukrainian energy company Burisma, leading him to create “the illusion of access to his father.” Goldman further claimed that Archer had explicitly used this phrase in his testimony.

This was a lie.

Upon examining the actual transcript, the truth was revealed. It becomes evident that the phrase “illusion of access” was not mentioned in Devon Archer’s testimony; instead, it was introduced as part of Congressman Goldman’s questioning. And, in fact, Archer didn’t totally agree with the statement that Goldman slipped into his questioning.

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On Thursday, CBS fact-checked Congressman Dan Goldman’s claim, stating, “You’ll recall that Democrat Congressman Dan Goldman said that Archer testified that it was the illusion of access to Joe Biden that Hunter Biden was offering to these clients.”

“But in fact, when you look at the transcript… This was about showing that there was the signal that there’s influence and access here.”


On Monday, Goldman appeared flustered when questioned by reporters about whether Archer’s testimony contradicted Joe Biden’s numerous previous statements that he had never spoken to any of Hunter Biden’s business associates. “I don’t know what his comment is and if we’re gonna… Well, I don’t think that’s what he said. He never said that he has never spoken to anyone. He said that he had nothing to do with Hunter Biden’s business dealings,” a visibly nervous Goldman replied.


As more and more evidence of the Biden family’s crimes emerges, it’s getting increasingly difficult for Democrats to run cover for them.

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